Dajana Berisha is the Executive Director of the Forum for Civic Initiatives. Dajana joined the forum in February 2013 to manage the development and direction of the Forum including design objectives, strategies and activities. Her previous professional experiences include policy-making in areas such as employment, social affairs and migration in order to support active employment policies combined with economic assistance for poverty alleviation. In this capacity Dajana has served as the institutional representative on a number of European events, international institutions, or in bilateral meetings between governmental institutions of the Western Balkan countries. Dajana has extensive knowledge and experience regarding the professional development policy and regional cooperation in the Western Balkans, which combined with the ability to understand cultures and geopolitics of the region, provides premises for efficient leadership. Dajana graduated in the field of linguistics and literature, holds an MA in International Migration Policies and Development from the University of Sussex, and was educated in Albania, Great Britain, Denmark and Sweden. 



Kushtrim Puka is the Programs Manager at FIQ. He leads two of the three main programs at FIQ: that of Philanthropy and Sustainable Development. He has a vast experience in the private and public sector, working with leading companies and organizations such as ELKOS Group, Institute for Advanced Studies and Ipko Telecommunications LLC. As an entrepreneur, Kushtrim has established Globex International and works as an adviser for a number of small businesses in Kosovo. He is also a board member of EcoEnergy (Finland), and a board member and cofounder at the Environment Initiative and Local Development (Kosovo). He also represents FIQ at the Civil Society Consortium for Sustainable Development (KOSID). Kushtrim completed his studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology, with the main focus on Entrepreneurship and Business Administration and a second major on Public Policy. 



Sefë Govori, studied at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Prishtina. As Finance Manager, Sefa brings over 7 years of experience in the financial management at FCI. In this role, Sefa manages all financial aspects of the organization including accounting practices, budgeting, financial planning and monitoring financial performance. Prior to joining FCI, Sefa had various challenging positions as a Project Manager at the International Organization for Migration (IOM - Kosovo), Finance Manager at various private companies.

Arieta Dragusha, PROGRAM OFFICER


Arieta Dragusha graduated from the Law Faculty at the University of Prishtina, continuing her graduate studies in financial management. She also studied at the Faculty of Philosophy, majoring in Political Science and Public Administration at the same university. Arieta works at FIQ since 2010, first as Research Assistant and later on as Communications Officer and Program Officer for the Rule of Law. Now she is the Program Officer for Sustainable Development. Arieta has managed projects in the framework of the aforementioned programs, from the design to their implementation, and as a Communications Officer she has been responsible for tracking and publishing the activities of all programs implemented by FIQ


Merita Mustafa is responsible for program development and fundrasing at FCI. She has a long experince in the non govermental sector and in anticorruption field. For six years she was Program Manager of anti-corruption at Transperency International Kosovo. Recently, through KOSID consortium she has been engaged as a Consultant for Municipality of Prishtina in the sector of environment protection for revising the municipal plan for energy efficiency. She also has been engaged as a consultant for establishing and developing the Career Center in Municipality of Prishtina, which aims aims to increase the employment among youth who graduate from vocational educational training, a project that has been supported from Helvetas Intercooperation through EYE project.  

Merita has graduated in Management and currently she is attending studies of  Master in Business Administration at Staffordshire Univesity Kosovo branch.
As a participant of Women Leadership Academy she has been volunteer and initiatior for adressing the issues that preocupy women, with special ephasis the single mothers rights and their children.


Arlinda Azemi joined the Forum for Civic Initiatives in November 2015 as an intern.Now she is working as an  Officer for Philanthropy and Sustainable Development,and is responsible for the implementation of activities within various projects of FIQ.Arlinda completed her studies in Economics at the University for Business and Technology.



Albesa is a Program Officer at FCI. She is involved mainly with the Youth Ambassadors project. Albesa studied Psychology at Hellenic American University in Athens. Her civic engagement record is substantial. In 2012, she cofounded and led an NGO, NGO-Change, which helped young people become engaged citizens, empowering them to actively participate in the decision making process of their community at large. She has experience working with the Refugee Program in Athens, and volunteered for the platform Wefugees in Berlin. She has helped in organizing and also participated at several youth exchanges in Europe. Albesa was awarded “President’s Leadership Award for New Hampshire”, and “Newman Fellowship Award” for 2015. 




Lirika joined FIQ in 2016 as a Finance Associate. She completed her studies in Management and has worked as an administrative and finance officer in private sector and nongovernmental organizations.

Young Volunteers,

Aida Ramaxhiku, Student of Law Faculty
   Vegim  Rrahmani, Student of Law Faculty
Merisa Abdullahu, high school student

Young Ambassadors,

Fjolla Gjonbalaj
Oltion Beshiri
Abdullah Rexha
Dhurata Berisha
Drin Sylejmani
South Mitrovica
Elvis Feka
Shendriza Prokshi
Bonita Imeri
Valon Hetemi
Blerim Kelmendi
North Mitrovica
Milan Dubljanin
Jovana Stojanovic
Miodrag Dancetovic
Filip Radovanovic
Arberita Kollcaku
Granit Kuqi
Linda Cavdarbaha
Lum Kuraja
Altin Gashi