Categories and winners of FIDES Awards 2010

Celebration of 10th anniversary of establishment of FIQ, and awarding of FIDES 2010 Award in philanthropy in Kosovo. 2010 was the most special year ever for FIQ, as exactly on the night of FIDES 2010 Award, which has already became traditional in Kosovo, FIQ celebrated its 10th anniversary. 10 years of a successful and challenging work were celebrated among friends at a very pleasant, warm and solemn place. On this occasion, a documentary film titled 'FIQ 10 years' was shown, where continuous 10 years long activity was presented, from the first day since its establishment in year 2000.

On this very day, on December 1st, 2010, FIQ for the second time has organised a big celebration of awarding of FIDES Award for philanthropy in Kosovo. This traditional Award is a symbol of big public gratitude to Kosovar individuals and business, who have continuously and cautiously supported activities and projects for the common benefit.

By making public, names of companies, enterprises and individuals, who have supported financially projects that contributed to a common good of the people of Kosovo, this prestigious Award aims to encourage others, too, to follow this path, to invest more in improving quality of life in Kosovo. FIDES Award 2010 became more special by the fact that the family of a big Albanian humanist, who all of his life dedicated to bringing people closer to each other and forgiving of blood feuds, the deceased Anton Çetta, without any hesitation accepted that FIQ, the individual Award for philanthropy to name the Award for Philanthropy 'Anton Çetta'. The daughter of Anton Çetta, Ms. Donika Çetta, in front of all the present made a speech on this occasion, where amongst other things, said “When we were asked by FIQ, if they could use the name of our father to name one of the Awards for philanthropy, we have accepted with pleasure. To us, it will always be a pleasure to have the name of our father be used as a symbol of gratitude for the contribution that people who engage to have a more dignifying life of our people, as he did the same thing

There were more than 350 people present at the exclusive ceremony organised on December 1st, to announce winners of FIDES Award. Amongst special guests, who addressed to the presents with few words and handed prizes to winners were: Mr. Haki Abazi – Western Balkans Programme Director (RBF), Mr. Dale Pfeiffer, the former USAID Director in Kosovo, while the prize “Anton Çetta” was awarded/handed out by Ms. Donika Çetta Ferdinand Nikolla, FIQ Executive Director, said “This celebration tonight is more special than ever, as FIDES Award is being awarded on the same day when FIQ is celebrating its 10 anniversary of establishment! During these 10 years, we've been faithful to our mission; we tried to be independent and professional in our work every time, by working together with others, institutions, various local and international organisations, but in particular with our people from throughout of Kosovo. We have also remained a critical and constructive voice regarding significant processes under which Kosovo and our people have passed during the path of state-building, development and peace in the country.”

FIDES Award for national contribution was awarded to MERIDIAN Corporation LLC company from Prishtina, the company which has supported activities which are significant to society and which reflect positively, among which we specifically mention support in fixing of school, university spaces, and other different cultural and other significant activities.

FIDES Award for local contribution was awarded to Kulla Exim Sh.P.K. Company from Deçan/Decane, this company has contributed in improving the life conditions in the Municipality of Deçan/Decane by supporting cultural activities, infrastructure and youth. Dale Pfeifeer, upon awarding this prize, said that “It is encouraging the way FIQ awards the annual FIDES Award, to acknowledge publicly the generosity of 2010 businesses at the local and national level.”

Philanthropy Award 'Anton Çetta' was awarded to Mr. Milaim Jashari. This being the person who founded and is working on voluntary basis for the humanitarian association “Feniks” in Ferizaj/Urosevac, by means of which during five years he managed to build 70 houses for the homeless, while only during 2010 he built 13 houses.